Android 10 problem with Samsung A10

  • 27 July 2020
  • 7 replies

I had 2 Galaxy A10 mobiles delivered 18-7-20.  3 days later one of these received the Android 10 update.  The other has not received any notification of this update and, when I try to update manually, it states that the this phone is up-to-date with Android 9 !  Any ideas please ?

7 replies

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Hi there @Somebody 

What version of Android is the one that hasn’t updated on currently?

Have you restarted the phone at all in the past few days?

If you go into the Google Play Store, do app updates work fine?

Hi Kevin

1) Android 10

2) Yes

3) Yes

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Hi @Somebody 

You mentioned 9 originally, but 10 in the last post.

So is that both phones are on Android 10, but one isn’t as up to date with a 10.version number?

Hi Kevin …

Both mobiles were delivered with Android 9 software on 18-7-20

One mobile auto updated to Android 10 on 21-7-20.

The other mobile remains with Android 9 and when I try to manually update it, it states "this device is up-to-date". However it is still on Android 9.


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Very strange, @Somebody.

Have you been in touch with Samsung UK about this?  They might be able to suggest something as a fix here, as we don’t have any hand in pushing software updates to your phones themselves.

Currently speaking we’re stumped as to why two identical phones wouldn’t be able to get the same update.

Kevin ... are you a  ID Mobile technician?

I have communicated with both Samsung and ID Mobile (my network provider).

They each are unable to explain this situation ...perhaps Carphone will need to replace this mobile ?

What do you think ?

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Sounds like a good idea @Somebody, our friends there will be happy to get to the bottom of this and provide the appropriate support.