Apps to block social media etc when studying?

  • 3 April 2019
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Hello, I'm studying for a big exam at the moment and am looking for some recommendations of free apps to block social media etc? Has anyone tried any? Just so I have absolutely no distractions and won't end up procrastinating!

Thanks 🙂

2 replies

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Hi @pollypocks

I find this one useful Link

It can block any app for site that you wish to be blocked and it's completely free with no ads also you can sync it with your pc so all blocked sites on your phone will be blocked on your Chrome Browser on laptop as well.
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Hi @pollypocks

I've personally used an app called Offtime, it's free for android users but i believe there's a small charge for ios. It's really easy to use and great for distraction-free moments.

When i was searching for the best apps to use this link here really helped me out.

There's a whole bunch of great apps out there for this kinda thing.

Hope that helps :)
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