Cancel contract from abroad

  • 30 July 2019
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So I have moved abroad and now want to cancel my contract. Unfortunately I have forgotten my login details and something on my account must have been entered wrong as I can't reset it or pass authentication.

They can't help by phone or web chat either and have recommended I go to a carphone warehouse with ID - BUT I'm abroad. How do I fix this? The bank account the direct debit comes from will close at the end of next month anyway so I could just leave it but there doesn't seem to be a good way to notify them.

1 reply

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Hi @OverseasRoamer,

Sorry to hear that you are unable to log into your account.

In regards to cancelling the contract you can contact our Live Chat Team HERE and advise them about the issues that you are facing.

The team will require some security information to access your account and the next steps will then be advised.