cancel contract outside 14 day period

  • 23 June 2021
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I would like to know the cost of cancelling my contract. I'm about 6 months into a 24 month contract and wanted to upgrade due to a faulty phone. Told this wasn't possible for another 16months I don't want a faulty phone for that long and would like details on possibly cancelling. Thankyou

2 replies

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You can cancel at anytime but you your final bill will include the remaining 18 months line rental in the form of an early termination fee.



  • Line rental - £20 per month
  • Minimum term - 24 months

If you’re six months in and you decide to cancel or PAC out on the above example plan, your final bill will include an early termination fee of £360.


See “Early termination fee”:


If your phone is faulty then get it repaired as it will still be under warranty! 👍

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Hi @James Jocky Hall 

We are sorry to hear your phone has gone faulty? What seems to be the issue you are having with your phone? As @WelshPaul  has advised, the phone will be under warranty as you are only 6 months into your contract and can get this repaired at your local Carphone Store.