Cannot pass credit check to buy second phone

  • 28 July 2020
  • 3 replies

I ordered one phone a couple of weeks ago, now tried to order another one and got declined. surely this is a problem at the ID end - why would you pass me the first time and not the second?

3 replies

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Hi there @collinsm01 

These sorts of things begin to stack on your credit score.  So whilst you had been accepted for one, a second contract may be deemed a higher risk depending on your credit file.

The best suggestion we could give at this stage would be to try again after 6 months of payments on your original account.  As 6 months of payments would put you in a better standing (confidence-wise) on our billing systems.

Thanks Kevin,

my credit score with Experian is rated as ‘Good’ - I don’t ever have issues related to this - so all that you’re saying is that your Company blocks people from buying multiple phones from you - which as a business model must surely be losing you money...I have money to spend, and will spend it elsewhere as you guys, apparently, don’t want it...

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We hear you @collinsm01 and we know it’s not particularly ideal in some sense, though it’s impossible to say how many potentially difficult situations it may have otherwise prevented others too.

Sorry that we couldn’t help further here at this time.