Diverting/Forwarding [un-answered] calls to another network

  • 27 February 2020
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I know the “settings->call divert->enter number” method but thats not exactly what i want...i want unanswered calls only to divert to a next number. The settings method diverts ALL calls, which is not what I want.

Can anyone help me out??

How do i divert/forward un-answered calls to another network only??

3 replies

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Hello @Anynamewilldo,


Try dialling **61*111*20# and calling this.

Edit: You may need to have the Call divert function first enabled.

Try both enabled and disabled as I can’t recall the exact steps for this.


Let us know if this works.



Hi Kevin 

  • its iphone 7 latest update

  • the function diverts ALL calls - I want to bounce missed calls only to my other phone, like an alternative voicemail 

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Hi @Anynamewilldo 

What phone are you using currently?

Does your phone not allow you to modify or play around with how exactly the Call Divert function works for you?