Does ID network have the ability to tempt me back?

  • 4 March 2019
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I have recently ended a small Sim only contract with ID and am presently out of contract on a 20gb plan with another carrier, I also have five other contracts with yet another carrier which are about to end (unlimited minutes & texts). I was wondering what family bundle of 6 contracts ID could possibly tempt me with- this mus include unlimited minutes & texts and a handset with each. Are ID able to amalgamate all six contracts into one monthly price like vodafone did or are they like three and give me the headache of keeping all contracts seperate? What kind of price can they offer and do any of you feel I'll get a better deal with ID than using the loyalty I have already (Please be aware that I've tested ground here and it seems everyone is on commission and don't award hardly anything for loyalty.)? What deal would you lot think would be good? Would it be based around a handset like the samsung A6 or the xioami redmi? Could it be the nokia 8 or even blackberry motion (which I'd love 6 of!)

2 replies

It would be the first win of the year if I got the contracts at the right price but to win an S10 for my secondry phone- yes that would be seven contracts (sim only 20gb if I won the S10).
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Hi @MAFG666

To my knowledge ID Mobile does not support family contracts and every member would need to register separate accounts using the App on the phone with separate direct debits also only two contracts per person are permitted.

I think it would be the best to call sales team and see what they say about your situation. Just call this number +44800 049 0250 and they may have a solution/offer for you.