Favourite mobile app?

  • 6 December 2018
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What mobile app do you keep coming back to again and again?

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Pokémon Go is probably my most used app; I spend more time on it than Twitter and Facebook since getting back into it this year 😅
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I absolutely LOVE Pokémon Go, it gets me out and about when I would've normally been binging Netflix!

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The weather app
This time of year I need to know if its an umbrella kinda day or winter coat sorta day!
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Twitter and Reddit are quick fixes for news and random happenings.

Then a bit of Pokémon Go and Disney Tsum Tsum on the games front.

I'm excited for what the Mario Kart game coming to phones in 2019 is going to be like though.
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For me that would be Google Chrome and Google News. I love to read all the news that I am interested in and my regular websites that I visit daily.

As of the game which I play the most, that would Football Manager Mobile.
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Instagram and Facebook, I probably can't go a day without scrolling through one of them!