have upgraded contract but now no service. daughter flying today with no!!

  • 28 July 2020
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my wife upgraded my daughters contract yesterday but now no connection to network visible despite txt message saying upgrade successful and new sim activated…. (actually sim is the same as old one). we are desperate. we cant get through to ID and air travel is stressful enough at moment, urgent help please

1 reply

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Hi @AndrewBaum 

From the sounds of it you may have inadvertently cut yourself off by activating a SIM card you don’t have yet.

Sometimes with upgrades, we’ll issue you with a new SIM card (just in case the old one you have wouldn’t natively fit the new phone you’ve chosen).

A prompt would normally come up in the app asking if you have the new SIM and wish to activate it.  Which you should ignore/ cancel if you don’t physically have that yet.


Have you had a dispatch email for the upgrade order yet?  If so, and that is due tomorrow, then simply pop in the included SIM card there and you’ll be ready to go with the old number on whichever tariff you had selected.