• 8 January 2020
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I need help with the following:

I purchased the "ID Mobile" card. I have set up a standing order (direct debit) from the bank to charge my account for the monthly payment of a telephone number. My intention was to switch from another telephone operator to "ID Mobile" keeping my old No. IT WAS APRIL 2019. Since then, for reasons beyond my control, I have not been able to change the operator. I did not use the purchased SIMcard even once. However, I was paying monthly fees all the time.

I have the following questions:

1. I already have the PAC code from the previous operator, I am abroad. Can I transfer my old number to the "ID Mobile" number I bought and paid for, FROM ABROAD?

2. For those months when I was not able to use the Mobile ID number (the SIM was never inserted into the phone) can I get a refund / compensation in any form ????


1 reply

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Hi @Slawek and welcome to the iD Mobile Community here.


If you have a PAC (code) from your old provider that is still active (and has not expired).  Then you should be able to register your iD Mobile SIM and then provide us with the PAC (code) in your My Account area in order to move your old number over to ourselves.

Unfortunately, as we had been providing you with an active line and phone number on the iD Mobile SIM (albeit with minimal to no use) we’d not be able to offer a refund for that period.  We’d always need to be notified by yourself if you ever needed us to cancel a SIM and have that disconnected for you.

Sorry for any inconvenience there.


If you head to our website >here

You can then enter you details, including the iD Mobile phone number, and then register the SIM you have.

Once that SIM is registered and you’re logged in, you can provide the PAC and your old number to have that come over to us.


Any issues though, just let us know here.