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I'm getting very annoyed! Order cancellations

  • 6 October 2021
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I’ve been an iD SIM-only customer for around 6 months. I have lost my phone 3 days ago, and therefore, blocked my iD sim in my online account. Since then, I have been trying to open a pay monthly phone contract, and upon my inital attempt with an iPhone SE it was cancelled. I enquired via live chat as to why, they told me I only qualify for phones £15 and under, and they explicitly stated that if I pick such a phone, there will 100% be no cancellation. Voila, my Galaxy A12 was cancelled too.

I was told it may be due to a billing mismatch. Therefore, I picked my Halifax card in my name and certainly in my address. Voila. Cancelled again.


Because I’ve lost my phone, I cannot view my card PIN, and therefore cannot place the order in store like was recommended. And to top it off, noone appears to be able to tell me the reason my orders are being cancelled. I can only be advised to ‘place another order’ I’m following all instructions to a T, and have been told it’s not a credit issue as my history enables me to take out a phone worth £15 or less.


I am now left with no phone and no means to get one. This is absolutely ridiculous! I am also concerned of the damage to my credit history by repeat searches with each order. I need assistance. I urgently need a phone.

5 replies

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That’s got be frustrating @ZaneDonovan - you could try and sort this out in a Carphone Warehouse store, otherwise it’s a matter of waiting for iD to send you a private message in this forum.

Hope you can get this sorted quickly.

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Hi @ZaneDonovan, really sorry to hear about this. There’s always a chance that a credit check might fail for a number of reasons. We’ll drop you a private message now, but as we’re not a Live Chat service, I can’t promise any sort of timeframe in which we’ll have this resolved.

For that reason, if you urgently need a phone, it might be worth buying a cheap SIM-free phone and a PAYG SIM, neither of which require a credit check.

Also, while you wait for us to get back to you, you might wish to try your luck by calling the team on 0207 1391 397, as I believe they’ve been able to overturn credit checks like this in the past.

To access your messages, click your profile picture in the top right hand corner and then click ‘Private Messages’. Alternatively, if you are currently logged in, you can use the following link: https://community.idmobile.co.uk/inbox/overview

We’ll see you there.


Thank you,


Responded last night, hopefully I get a response soon.

After finding a way to call in, I was informed the various live chat agents fed me misinformation. I qualified for a £15 or less SIM ONLY deal. Had I been informed of this, I wouldnt have done 4 more searches that damaged my eligiblity to the point of no longer even qualifying for a sim only deal, and now just being outright declined. It has also wasted 3 days I could have used to make alternative arrangements, with me not even having access to my smart bank that requires my phone for authorisation. This type of customer service and problem solving is absolutely atrocious. I certainly want to make a complaint.

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Hi @ZaneDonovan,

Thanks for getting back in touch. We have responded to your Private Message in regards to your complaint.



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