iPhone SE (iOS 12.4.1) Message Send Failure for certain Text Messages

  • 13 March 2020
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There are certain numbers which I am unable to send text (SMS) messages to. They are not premium numbers, but provide services (e.g. to check credit card account balances).

Messaging to most numbers work, but I’ve now two service numbers which I just get ‘Message Send Failure’ and a ‘Not Delivered’ notice when I try and text the service.  

I have checked and enabled premium numbers just in case, but this seems to make no difference.  Can anyone help?


6 replies

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Hi @robert_a_hudson 

As well as enabling the premium numbers you may also need to enable your spending cap.

My Dashboard>Cap My Extra Usage Charges

This issue was raised last year, certain services do have issues, you may need to chat with a member of the ID team if this persists.


Currently I can’t send picture messages on my iPhone but thankfully email works just as good! The up side is it saves me the expense of the message win win

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Hi there @robert_a_hudson 

Do you happen to know the number in question you’re trying to respond to?  We’ll check with our Tech Team to see if they know there to be any issues with the number(s) in question and try to get some further advice here for you.

Hi there @Kevin 

One of the numbers in question is 57887.

Thanks in advance for following this up!

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Hi @robert_a_hudson,

Please can you check your account online to ensure that your billing cap is not set to £0? This can stop some messages from being sent as per @terrywebbs comment above.
If you have made the change (or it was already above, say, £5) and it still doesn’t work, please contact us via Twitter or Facebook and we’ll have this escalated further.


Hi @Ryan 

Thanks for the response, I have a £5 cap, so hopefully that would not be an issue.  Unfortunately I don’t use twitter or Facebook.  Are you able to continue to help?

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Hi @robert_a_hudson,

Thank you for confirming that. If you can email us we will pick your email up as soon as we can. Please include a link to this post and we’ll get started.