Is there an area for beginners? (PAC question)

  • 27 July 2020
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I have a new iD handset and a PAC to keep my number from another network. Do I just insert the new sim (with the new number I don't want) and notify iD of my PAC? 

5 replies

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Hi there @thejonester 

If you register your new iD Mobile SIM on our website here:

Ensuring that you enter the mobile number we gave you with that SIM when registering.

Once you’ve registered that account, you can then provide us with the mobile number you want to keep + your PAC (code) and we can get to work moving that number over to us for you.


Thanks for replying. I’ve managed to speak to someone on ‘chat’ and, all being well, I think I’m sorted and the transfer/port is ‘in the system’.

One thing I’m still not sure about is whether I should put the sim card in yet, or wait until the transfer is confirmed? Also, how can I tell which of the 3 sim size options is required for my handset?



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Hi again @thejonester 

As things stand, you could simply stay on your old SIM currently (so that at least you’re reachable whenever people text or call you on the number people know you on).

Once that gets cut off (presumably tomorrow, if not then Wednesday) you can pop your iD Mobile SIM in and you should be good to go at that point there.


As for the SIM size.  You’ll be able to see for sure what size SIM you’d need when you remove your old one.  The SIM’s we send can be broken down twice into smaller SIM’s depending on which size is required.

Thanks again. The reason for a new handset is that my old one, which is about 6 years old has, for some reason, ceased to function for calls, texts and data. I can still connect to wifi though. So no one can contact me anyway at the moment. 

With regard to the old sim, could I put that in the new handset if I wanted, for a while? Probably not worth it just for a day or two, so I might be better waiting? Also, I do remember that sim having to be cut down, but that was in a branch situation, so I didn’t do it.

Any advice gratefully received. 

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Hello again @thejonester 


Until your number moves over from your old network to our own.  Then you’d be fine to just use your old network SIM there (in any phone of your choosing) until the moment that the SIM ceases to function.

Once service has gone from your old SIM, then it’s safe to say things will have ended with your old network and that your number you wanted to keep will now be on the SIM you have received from iD Mobile.


When did the old phone cease to function for calls and such?  As that could indicate the number has moved over to us if we’re talking in the last day or so?

It might be worth popping in the iD Mobile SIM into whatever phone you’re using now, and seeing if your number has come over to us.