Mac or PC? 6 reasons to own a Mac a personal choice!

  • 15 December 2018
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Right I am now going to shatter your preconceptions of the Mac

6 reasons to own a Mac my personal choice!
I have been lucky enough to had the experience and use a wide variety of systems over the last 20+ years. The last 5 were spent testing out the Mac mini. One of my many personal projects was testing software on windows based machines, I was surprised at how much software I needed to install to just do some of my basic projects. Windows came with some half descent software but nothing to do some serious stuff like editing code, web design or viewing pdf files without installing third party softwares and thus I accumulated over 15 or so free/shareware softwares just for my main productivity work.

Don't get me wrong for the average person Windows works right out of the box they even had a cool video editing software tool but it soon became apparent that Microsoft wasn't prepared to keep support very long on any of it's releases and I was again in a position by where either the software bugs never got fixed or the updating operating system it sat upon failed to except it as time went on. Becoming ever decreasingly dissatisfied with the whole windows thing I started working on an alternative, I tried various free open source Linux based systems, loved the command prompt features, but that got tiresome... Then I started to look at Mac, obviously I couldn't test one so I started to do some heavy research.

I lined up all the windows based productivity software I needed for my projects and then looked at what I would need on the Mac to accomplish the same projects. I was surprised to find the Mac actually came with native built in tools to do most of my work right out of the box unlike windows.
Some of the mac built in features;
1. pdf file reader and editor.
2. rename multiple files.
3. edit/resize/scale/crop images.
4. screen shot options.
5. open compressed files like IOS images.
6. convert images/text files to pdf
...and much more.

So from my 15+ extra software installs on windows I was down to only 5 on the Mac. The Mac catered for almost all my productivity needs right out of the box! Most importantly with every major apple Mac software release you get a free upgrade, something you never get with windows.

Right, now comes the crunch, Mac's don't have to be expensive and you don't have to update all your equipment. You can keep your existing mouse, keyboard, monitor, scanner, printer and any other device. All you need to buy is the Mac mini it has all the ports you need to continue working with any devices. It has a very small form factor and can sit anywhere. These start from £400 for refurbished and £649 for a decent spec new. If you need to increase productivity and want to save on space and time, then look no further than the Mac mini

On the down side these do not come with a cd/dvd drive, that is an extra purchase, still it won't break the bank at £79!

I did buy a Mac mini in late 2012 and is now on the latest macOS Mojave 10.14.1 software and still running great, managed to upgrade the RAM with ease! One of my many hates of windows systems is the search feature, it never works as expected however on all Macs you can search files, folders or even inside files for content with ease, no more waiting for indexing to complete or finding it turned off!

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I know this may seem insignificant in comparison to all of your techy goodness, but I do like that you can install Evernote Helper to your toolbar. You can easily make notes and take screen captures, then have them right there in front of you instead of having to save them to your desktop.