Mr john yonge

  • 4 January 2020
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I have just joined. I have a new SIM. It does not work. I therefore cannot contact Live Chat because I have no idea what my new phone number is and I have to input phone number to chat. Crazy crazy crazy. I’ll have to go back to my old provider unless anyone can help PLEASE!!

4 replies

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Hey @johnyonge 


When you order your Sim Online you should receive an email that will be titled "Welcome to iD" your mobile number will be there. Alternatively you should find it on the paperwork that came with your Sim Card. 


Kind Regards


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Hi @johnyonge 

Can you confirm if you are using a 3G compatible phone with the iD SIM.

Are you able to find any signal and connect to the network?





I am using an iphone XR.

When I put the iD SIM card in, phone doesn’t recognise it and states “No SIM card installed.” I cannot make or receive calls.

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Thank you @johnyonge , are you able to test any other phones with the SIM?

Is it possible that the iPhone XR is locked to another network?


If you can email us we’ll check on your account to ensure it’s up and running.