New handset and now 4g is terrible

  • 18 July 2021
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I switched from a Pixel 4a to a Pixel 4a 5g, and now 4g is painfully slow, even with a good signal.

I don't have a contract which includes 5g and when I phoned for support I was told 5g isn't supported on that handset anyway, so I'm not expecting 5g. 

However, I do expect decent 5g. Coverage map shows good coverage in the area. No issues are reported when I check my postcode. 

Speed test confirms my 4g speeds are awful.

I've tried changing the connection settings to prefer 4g but no change. I feel like this is likely down to incorrect APN settings. 

Please help. (Also, can I get some money back??)


7 replies

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HI @Kate Kate 

We are happy to hear that your services are running better today.

Please do get back n contact if you require any further assistance and we’ll be happy to help. 



iD Mobile 

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I have better connection to 4g in the postcode named above now. I did however manually set the APN settings according to instructions on ID website, and these are different to the ones which were in place (from the SIM?) 

Let's see if the connection stays good.

I wonder if frequent interruptions to service are a feature of the network?

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Thanks, Will. I have certainly experienced problems before that date, but I will keep an eye on things and see if it resolves after tomorrow.

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Hi @Kate Kate,


After checking that postcode, I can see there has been some congestion since around 13/07/2021, would you say this is when the issue began?


From what I can see, the matter should be improved by the end of day tomorrow (19/07/2021), which is positive. If on the 20/07/21 the issue still persists, please do get back in touch and let us know so we can escalate this to our tech team for you and see what’s going on. Is that OK?



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Hi both. EH49 6BQ would be the postcode I'm most often often in, but this is a problem which persists in different areas over many weeks now.

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Hi @Kate Kate,


I believe @Gregor makes a sound point. Have you a local postcode you can drop us so we can run some checks on your local mast please?



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Hello @Kate Kate 


From all the information that you gave us, it looks to me like suspected congestion in your area, which means lots of people in your area is connected to the same mast which could cause 4G bandwidth to slow down in some built-up areas. Could you try connecting to 3G temporarily to see if your internet speed improves compared to your 4G? 

 iD Mobile may require additional info from you to check on their side of things if my suspicion is correct. They might send you a private message so keep an eye on your inbox. 


Kind Regards