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New order selected wrong plan

  • 30 September 2021
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Hi All,


I am new to the ID network and community.

I placed and order last night and had conformation of order completion today. While reading the email I realised I had selected the wrong plan (it was a larger data plan I wanted). I have looked around for a number to call as I would like to change the lesser plan to the greater but have not managed to find one.

Should I wait for the phone to arrive and then call (would this cost me more to upgrade than is stated on the site for new customers) or is there a rep on here that can do this?


Sorry if this has been asked before or makes no sense :)


Many thanks


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4 replies

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Hi @scott1976,

I am sorry to see that you have been left without an answer to your question; have you since has this answered/resolved?

We should be able to change your plan to one with higher data, however the price may be different to what you have seen online if you were placing a new order. Please let me know if you need further help with this. 🙂


Hi Ryan,


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunatly I recieved the phone before I recieved your reply.  I am hoping to change the plan of course being aware that the price will increase

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Hello @scott1976,

You’ll be able to change your plan in the near future - but, because you’re new to iD, you’ve got wait until you’ve been with iD for more than 30 days.

Once 30 days have passed, you’ll be able to change your plan provided:
• You have an active Direct Debit setup with iD.
• You don’t have a disconnection request pending.

There’s a useful community article, “How do I change my plan?”, which explains how to do this.

Anyway, good luck and I hope you get the plan you want.

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Hello @scott1976, as @andewhite has explained, you will be able to change your plan to a lower data tariff after you have been with us 30 days. The plan change section on your iD app will show all the current plans that are available to you.

I hope this helps, but if there is anything else we can do, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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