New Phone 4g

  • 1 August 2020
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Do I need to activate something to get my 4G to work on new iPhone?  Everything else is working.

if not any advise on how to get it working would be appreciated. 
I have strong coverage on the checker.  

1 reply

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Hi @Colkez0907, could you try rebooting the phone? Failing that, try resetting the network settings: go to Settings > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will cause your phone to forget all Wi-Fi networks too, so these will need to be set up again.

if that doesn’t work, please ensure the APN settings (guide here) are as follows:


Name: iD

APN: id

Username: <leave blank>

Password: <leave blank>


MMS Proxy:

MMS APN Username: <leave blank>

MMS APN Password: <leave blank>

MMS Port: 8799


If that still doesn’t work, give us a shout here and we’ll see what we can do.


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