New sim old phone can register

  • 10 March 2020
  • 3 replies

Phone not registering new sim number, ID keep sending code to that number to allow registration. Very frustrating

3 replies

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Hi there @Fff 

Could you elaborate on what’s happening?  What you’re saying there is open to interpretation.


Are you having trouble registering an account for the first time?

Have you recently received a new SIM as a replacement?


If you could give us more details we’ll be happy to get to the bottom of this for you.

Hi, thanks. It's a new ID sim card/plan in an old phone (my son's who pays for it with his own money and didn't want to upgrade phone). Got sim card home. Put in phone, went to ID your-sim-card page on website but it won't send the code to my email as web page insists it's not a valid email address despite ID regularly emailing me there. It could send code to son's new number (he didn't want to transfer number) but we couldn't access the text on the phone as phone doesn't recognise new sim/number and o ly currently shows old text messages. Phone settings say number 'unknown'. Managed to get ID on fb messenger last night who told us code after we requested it via the wbsite, but then the 'activate sim card' button froze, refreshed page, reentered sim card number, button still froze. At this point fb support just left at 8pm mid conversation, no indication they were leaving, so just totally stuck. Tbh I'm probably just going to give up and persuade son to get a new phone with different provider. But if there's any quick fix suggestions might try those first. Sorry for delayed reply. Working v long hrs as trainee so limited personal time normal hours. 

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Hi again @Fff 


Our Social Media Team do work 8 am - 8 pm, though we’re sorry if it came across like an abrupt cut-off to any conversation there.

I’d expect they’ll have been contacting you from this morning to continue the conversation there right?

Have they helped you make sense of it all yet?


What phone is your son using with the iD Mobile SIM card?