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OFCOM complaint - PAC Code provision

  • 20 November 2021
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OFCOM rules state that I should be provided with a PAC code within 1 minute of requesting it. When I try to obtain a PAC code via text, I get no PAC code. When I request a PAC code via the link in my online account I get taken to a webpage as follows:

The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Your support ID is: 7800184005845261826

ID Mobile are in breach of OFCOM rules and I can see that there are many others here having the same problem for some time.

ID Mobile are in breach of the OFCOM regulations and I recommend to others that they make formal complaint to OFCOM, as I have done. Of course ID Mobile can always condescend to provide me with a PAC code if they would prefer.


2 replies

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Hi @lynthorpe 

I can see we are speaking to you in Private Message already. I have messaged you there regarding the PAC issue you are having and we will assist with providing you with one through Private Message.



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Requesting a PAC via text message doesn't always work, this isn't unique to ID Mobile as things sometimes break. My wife's request for a PAC via text on the Vodafone network also failed... She simply called customer services on 191 and they provided it over the phone without any fuss. All you had to do was speak to a live agent and they would have provided it to you upon request. 


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