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Ordered two phones but only one successful?

  • 22 November 2021
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Ordered two pay monthly phones for kids but only one appears to have gone through successfully (one upfront payment taken). Looking for confirmation so I can make other arrangements if necessary.

7 replies

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How many ID accounts do you currently have? ID Mobile only allow two accounts per customer and so if you already had one, that is the reason why the second order would have been rejected/cancelled.

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I’ve just had the same thing happen.  Placed two orders for iPhones under a Black Friday deal thinking I’d got the kids Christmas pressies sorted.

First phone was dropped off by DPD 10 mins ago but then got a cancellation of order email for the second order saying I didn’t meet the credit check criteria?

I’ve no other active ID mobile phones at the minute (been with Tesco for years...) but might have had an ID SIM for data a few years ago (though I’m pretty sure that was a Three or Smarty SIM). Home owner, no mortgage, 1 x CC always paid on time,  1 x Car loan and a history of regular bank loans for cars and home improvements on which I’ve never missed a payment in my life - So not sure how I could have a credit rating issue, unless it was just two orders from a new customer placed too close together has triggered some potential fraud alert?

Can any of the ID staff who monitor the community forums please PM me to see what’s happening here? I’d like to reorder if possible. Otherwise I guess I’ll be taking that bit of business to another network...




How many ID accounts do you currently have? ID Mobile only allow two accounts per customer and so if you already had one, that is the reason why the second order would have been rejected/cancelled.

Don’t have any ID accounts prior to these orders. Christmas gifts for kids. Have had two contracts with other providers for many years for this reason without any problems. No credit problems etc. Now concerned there is an issue and I’ll need to source elsewhere asap. Just need someone from ID to clarify/confirm. Trying to do this though is the problem! 

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Spent nearly an hour last night on online chat (eventually with a real ID Mobile staffer to be told that my second order was probably rejected because I ordered two phones very close together.  Their solution - reorder again now that a few days have passed.

I did that and the order was accepted but woke up this moring to another cancellation email talking about the same reason “Didn’t meet the credit check criteria”.

Now that spooked me enough to do a quick Experian sign up in case someone had stolen my identity and started to rack up debts somewhere.  Nope - Credit rating is 950+,  no new loans or anything untoward - So I presume ID just don’t like attempts to open multiple new accouts at the same time.

Can a staff member please confirm this and I can stop banging my head off the same brick wall and just see what 3 or O2 or somebody else will offer.

And if that’s the case, maybe your website could be updated just to say somewhere prominent; “We only accept the opening of 1 new account involving a handset purchase within a [3 / 4 / 5] month period”. to prevent other people needing more than one new handset from going through this same frustration?



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Your Credit rating of 950+ means nothing to anyone other than Experian. Companies will have their own credit criteria that must be met and this will vary from company to company.

Hopefully a member of the ID Mobile forum team will be along shortly and they can provide more information. 👍


Good luck

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Unfortunately we can’t provide specific information about the credit check failure.

However if you already have one line successfully with us, it may be that we are only able to provide you with one line at this time.



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OK - appreciate you looking at this. I just ordered a second phone directly from Three so the immediate pressure is off.  I still think though that you could look into clarifying what your credit checking criterua are.

Admittedly you’d need to couch these quite generally to prevent people trying to exploit the system - but it is frustrating to be told - “computer says no… “ without any further explanation being offered.




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