People are receiving calls from my number that I am not making!

  • 21 May 2020
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I was wondering if anyone can any advise on the below, to explain what could be happening or if the same has happened to them. 


I keep receiving calls from different mobile numbers, stating that they have received missed calls from my mobile number, I’ve been contacted by 6 different people in the last month. But I don’t know who they are and I haven’t made any calls to them. They’re also said they’ve received numerous calls from my number, but as none of them have answered, I have no idea what is being said to the ones that actually do answer. 


At first I thought it might have been some sort of sales trick, but they appear to just be normal people who aren’t trying to sell anything and when I explain that I haven’t made the call and to just block then number, most pretty much just say ok and end the call. I have no idea why this is happening and it’s starting to get quite frustrating as some people aren’t happy and are ringing me up and having a go at me, as they believe it is me that is calling them multiple times, despite me explaining. 


I have reported it to Action Fraud, as I’m worried it may be a Caller ID Spoof scam and someone is making calls and making it look like my number is making the call, but obviously I have no idea what is being said to the people that do answer. 


I’m blocking all the numbers, but just wondered if anyone could shed any light? I’ve spoken with an advisor at ID, but they said all I can really do is change my number, but obviously I’d be looking to do that as a last resort. 

3 replies

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Hi @RebeccaA 

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Are you thinking of changing your number at the moment?


Yes, I am receiving similar calls - I think it’s some kind of scam but I don’t know what. There have been no extra charges on my bills, so I assume these are not international calls and are just being absorbed into my allowance.  Should I be worried?

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Hi @Jansward,

Just to clarify, are you receiving the calls? If so, you wouldn’t be charged to receiving the calls unless there is a specific charge mentioned when you answer the phone. We would recommend blocking their number as they sound like spam calls.