please please somebody help this is the worst experience ever had with a network

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Last week I want to change networks from Vodafone to another network and come across 1D mobile and thought their prices and simplicity was good so I decided to take up a pay monthly contract and signed up online and the sim arrived within 3 days. Little did I know this is when all the trouble will start because on the same day the same arrived I contacted ID mobile and provided my PAC code so I can transfer my number to this network and was told within the space of 6 to 12 hours my number will be transferred to to the 1D network however that has never ever happened so now for approximately 9 days I have not been able to use my 1D contract phone number now even though my number has been ported over to this network but for whatever reason which nobody can still explain to me from the one the network my number is still is not acting on their network so I cannot receive any phone calls make any phone calls and as a result I've actually lost my job because my workplace thought that I failed to contact them when I didn't turn up for work one day because I didn't get a call call from them m-as my number wasn't working.


I cannot tell you how many times I've tried to speak to 1D mobile on the appalling what webchat service and you can only imagine each time I have to text out the problem and explain to them that it's been over a week yet my number has still not connected to your network even though it has officially been ported over and all I can been told on the web chat service is that it with the technical team yet in all this time I'm nobody can phone me I cannot phone anybody I can't use my contract and worst of all all my children are in lockdown with their mother in another town and they have no way of contacting me.


So so to summarise what I thought would have been a very simple process of taking out a contract with 1D and just requesting a simple number port has turned into the worst night of my of my life and told top it off I can only contact them through web chat and even then half of the time they disconnect to me because they don't know how many answers for the problem I'm suffering and each time I do contact them the date as in when this would get rectified gets pushed back another few days so it's gone from being able to fix within 2 working days to now taking up to 9 Days and all that time I'm I'm not got a phone number and furthermore they are refusing to set up a call forwarding service to alternative number.


And do not know why this is happening and if you ring my number and go straight to voicemail which is the voicemail for 1D so the number has ported over I've tried the SIM in other phones and again it still States no service so I know the phone is is not the issue.


I'm not sure why I come on the creality with I don't know if anybody can help me because their webchat service can't their technical team can't and I'm in limbo now because I cannot use my phone or contract and my number is stuck for this network

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Thanks for getting in touch here @ifranmohammed, though we certainly wish it was under a more positive note that we were speaking.


We’ll send you a private message here so that we can look into the number port issue you’re having and help further with anything else as needed too.  If you could respond there, we’ll get this resolved for you.


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I'm still waiting on this private message and it's been a few hours and by the way this is now  today now without any signal from your company so 9 Days my contract has been set up and number was ported within 24 hours  yet 9 Days Later I've got a sim card here whereby I can't make any phone calls or any text I can't more important receive phone calls and your chat service is diabolical

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Yet another day has gone by and my sim is still not active. 


It is been over 10 working days since I transferred my number to this network and yet nobody has be able to explain why I still haven't been able to receive calls or make calls or even use this data.


10 whole days not been able to use my SIM with my number that I've had for over 15 years so I can only imagine how many people are trying to contact me and not be able to 2 and get Nobody from ID mobile has emailed me or message me explaining when this will get fixed what has happened or even any form of compensation.



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Still no live chat support available. 🤬🤬🤬


Dont get me started on trying to contact them by phone 😡😡

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Hi @ifranmohammed,

We can confirm that the private message was sent to you as soon as Kevin replied to your message and we only received your reply late last night which is why you have not had a reply since then, so we apologise for any upset caused. We have replied back to your message there now.

I’ve just loaded up the Contact Us page whilst typing this message, and the Live Chat option is activated so we would recommend trying again or using a different device to see if this helps.


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So if you are now been aware if this problem with my line why isnt my line active


Another day has gone by and still not fixed.

Whats the point of sending me private messages just to tell me your looking into this.

This has now been ongoing for over a week.

Furthermore to add to the farce this is now,  i had an email from your complaints department telling me they tried to ring me on my number to discuss my complaint but they couldnt get through!!!!! 😅🤣🤣


Can yoy beleive that folks they ringing me on the very bumberi complained to them doesn't work.


Then they add they will try again.


Im just asking a simple request, can you please get my number working, im paying my monthly contract so i expect a service for that.


And the incompetence has led to me loosing my job. 

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Oh by the way the private message was just asking my details, and since my reply to his private message i have not heard anythig back and that was over 18 hours ago.  But worse, my line still not working

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Another 24 hours and still my line  is not working. And they trying to ring me on the very number that they havent connected yet. You cant make this up

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Was told today almost 2 hours ago that they will finally activate my SIM card after all most waiting 8 to 10 days without my number. 


And guess what 3 hours later still not working.


Wasn't holding my breath.

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Can someone respond to me and help me with this. Another day has gone by and support are aware of this and still not resolved.

Hi mate I can't believe what I'm reading and I'm shocked then nobody on the site has been reading what your writing and not helped you.


So let me get this straight you have transferred your number from Vodafone to ID d 10 days ago go and requested a number transfer to bring your number to ID network and somewhere somehow the ID network have messed up the transfer and as a result you cannot receive or make any calls and currently or on a contract with them paying monthly rental and it's been almost 10 days and nobody has fix this and I've saw how many messages you've been posting and I saw one guy from support asking you to private message him and yet few days after that that you're telling me that they haven't still sorted it out and you can't make or receive phone calls but worst of all you have actually lost your job because your employer couldn't contact you and assumed you didn't want to work and you weren't aware that they were trying to contact you.


I don't think I've heard a worse experience from a network to think that you have been paying your monthly rental but more importantly for almost over the week you said nobody has tried to resolve this and the only way you can contact these is through the chat service and even that in my experience is very very poor communication especially when you said your children's mother has no way of contacting you and your children are with her during lockdown

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Hi @Sunnyp, we’re sorry to hear of your shock.


I hope it helps you to know that we’re assisting the customer in Private Messages.



Can’t help you but I’m having the same issue. Thank Christ I’m only on a rolling monthly contract. One month is more than enough with this useless lot.

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Hi @mrcslttr,


What issue is it you’re experiencing exactly? Chances are we’ll be able to assist you right here.