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Porting in a number

  • 14 October 2021
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I have a contract with iD But it is a spare number for emergencies only (the best signal at home) But I also have a contract with a competitor with no signal within a mile from home. here is the question! Can I port my number into my iD contract so as not to loose all of my contacts (Doctors, Hospital and family) without having the bother of contacting everyone. The other alternative is to end both contracts early which is very expensive.

Thanks in advance

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8 replies

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Hi @Rustybus,


You can indeed port your number over from a different network to ourselves. You’ll need to request a PAC code from them, which once provided to us, will disconnect the line with the other network and begin the process of bringing the number to us. This entire process usually takes around 48 hours to complete fully.


I would advise asking your other provider for any costs that may be triggered by using the PAC, just so that their are no surprises.


Does all this make sense?




Thanks, I know about porting but don't want to add another contract with iD. Is it possible to port into a contract already running without expense?



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Hello @Rustybus,

You’d have thought doing something of that nature should be possible.

When you sign-in to your iD My Account online, do you see an option to provide a PAC under:

My Services > Keep My Number. 

If there’s an option to Submit a PAC, then you might be in luck.

Anyway, good luck in your quest.


Thanks! I think I need to speak to someone as I feel it's rather complicated. 😂

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Okay @Rustybus, if you want to ‘speak’ to someone at iD in real-time, you’ll need to use their Live Chat service here.

They’ve got agents ready to chat from 9am to 8pm weekdays - just type “talk to a person” after you get connected, so you get an iD agent and avoid the annoying 24/7 chat-bot. 

Good luck.


Cheers, I'll try tomorrow 👍


Looks like it’s going to happen, so all seems well. I have spoken (chatted) to both parties and they both say yes :relaxed:

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Thanks for the update @Rustybus 

If you do need any further help, please get back in contact and we’ll be happy to help.



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