receiving & making International calls

  • 17 August 2020
  • 9 replies

I can't receive or make International calls. Just says number not recognised. How do I fix it please 

9 replies

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Hi there @Numenor 

A couple of things to check first…

Are you entering the international dialling code for the country of origin correctly before the number?

Do you happen to have a spending cap on your account?  If this is set to zero, then this would prevent you from being able to make any calls that would be chargeable.

Thanks for the reply. I have a £5 cap and I'm dialling a mobile number. 

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Hi there @Numenor 

What country is it you’re trying to call?

Have you used any of your spending cap this month already?

Do you know what error message your friends/ family/ work get when they try to call your number from overseas?

I'm trying to call & receive calls from Nigeria. 

I've used none of the cap limit. 

The error message says number not recognised. 

This is very strange as I've never had this problem with any other network. 

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Hi again @Numenor 
Are you dialling the number like this: 

00234 followed by the full number itself

If so, and it’s still saying the same message, then we’ll reach out to you here to look into this further.

yes we have tried putting the code before the number and it still says the same thing - number isn’t recognised.

it seems to work when it’s a landline but not to mobiles.

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Has it just been the one Nigerian mobile number you’ve tried to call @Numenor?

Or has it been problematic with numerous numbers?


With the landline bit, was that you calling a landline from the iD Mobile SIM, or you receiving a call from a Nigerian landline?
If need be we’ll raise this to our Tech Team for further help

Yes only Nigeria. 

I can make calls to Nigerian landlines but not to mobiles. I have not been able to receive calls from Nigeria, either landlines or mobiles. 

My previous contract with EE has not officially ended yet. It ends next month. Will this affect my service?

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Hi @Numenor,

Thanks for that information. Have you tried multiple Nigerian mobile numbers too? We would advise increasing your cap temporarily to see if this allows the call to be made.

In regards to your EE question, can you elaborate a bit on what you mean by if it will affect your service? Generally though, you would need to ask EE about what happens when your contract with their network ends.