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Hi.  I need to change my phone number.  I understand there is a charge.  Please message me with the details of what I need to do.

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is there a charge now ? i didnt know there was a charge i thought it was a case of a PAC code and getting your number ported over :/ .. maybe am wrong but thats  how i did mine

I need a replacement number under my existing contract due to nuisance.  Please can id mobile reply.

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Sorry we’re catching this one a couple of days late @lynnevdh

We’ll message you now privately to take some further details to assist further.

In case it helps anyone else, generally speaking.

If you’re a victim of some form of harassment or abuse, then upon reporting the matter to the police and obtaining a Crime Reference Number.  You could then provide us with that and we can change the number for you as part of the police investigation there.

Otherwise, a number change request would be a £25 charge, which would be added to the next upcoming phone bill.

Moving a number away from one network to another via PAC code shouldn’t face any sort of extra charge.​