reuse a PAC code

  • 30 August 2018
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I have used a PAC code to port my number to ID from vodaphone but now wish to move to another provider (bad coverage where I live). ID have given me one PAC code over the phone but the origal PAC code I used to port them was sent to me via text.
I asked which I should use and the customer service agent said to use the one sent via text.
This means I will be using the same PAC code twice. Is this correct?

1 reply

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Hello @JennyD,

I believe there has been a misunderstanding here.

To confirm the PAC code you would use to transfer your number is the one given on the call.

When a PAC code is generated, a text is usually sent confirming this same PAC code.

It's possible that the advisor believed this text had been sent to you and then provided the response based on this.

Have you since been able to port out?

You wouldn't be able to process a port with the wrong PAC code as the network wouldn't allow it when trying to submit.

If you're still having issues with porting out, can you let me know here?