Small screen mobiles

  • 4 March 2019
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I prefer 4.7inch screen

8 replies

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Hi @Daspursman

I am on the same boat as you therefore my daily driver is Xperia XZ1 Compact since it's release in October 2017. I am thinking on upgrading my phone very soon and I was looking at Xperia 10 but it's size put me off. I will wait until September/October time to see if Sony will release new compact device so I could upgrade it then.

II've been using S5mini bought refurbished about 18 months ago and been very happy with it. Now had a couple of boot loops on it which Samsung solved free of charge on their help line number. Thinking about new phone but little about with small screen. Probably end up with another S5 mini refurbished from Music Magpie with 1 year warranty.
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I love my Xperia XZ1 compact. Purposefully bought it for the size in December and haven't regretted it.

I have pretty small hands and all other smartphones were just becoming so hard for me to use!

I don't 'need' the latest and greatest phones for how I use them and the price I was looking for meant that I sought out an older phone but still brand new.
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I resisted the move to bigger phones for quite a while, sadly there just don't seem to be many good options these days. GSMArena have a good search feature - I got a list of all Android/iOS phones released in the last 2 years that are roughly the same size as the XZ1 Compact:,3

I know it's easy to focus on screen size, but bear in mind screen bezels are shrinking so many phones these days, though have a bigger screen, actually aren't physically bigger (most are still bigger than the compact sadly!).
I was happy with the size of my Samsung S3 until it gave up the ghost. Since then it's been hard to find the right size. Huawei P10 is a strange aspect ratio - just a bit too long and narrow for my liking.
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Personally I've become too accustomed to watching videos and reading news on my mobile, so I prefer a bigger screen just to make those 2 options more appealing.

So I think I'd struggle taking a step back in terms of screen size real estate, for anyone who carries a second device (laptop/ tablet) for those purposes above though. Then I'd imagine a smaller phone is much more comfortable in the hands and the pocket.
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With bezel-less phones becoming popular manufacturers could keep the big screen size while keeping the overall size smaller. Making 4.7 inch screens with the new designs could be really interesting as they'd be very convenient to carry round and use, but companies seem to only be interested in increasing screen size instead of giving people options.
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My dad has the iPhone 4s, I picked it up a few days ago and can't believe I used to use it, I got it on release. Tiny!