unlock phone

  • 21 November 2020
  • 2 replies

Feeling quite frustrated.  Why is it impossible to talk to anyone other than a computer?


All I want to do is unlock my Sons old handset so I can i can put a PAYG sim in for my younger child.  I have just upgraded my sons phone but am seriously considering cancelling that and moving networks now.


I called customer services and couldn’t navigate round the menus as the call kept cutting out so I couldn’t hear the options.  Tried the chat function and could get past an automated response.


ID, this is very, very poor 

2 replies

What type of lock is on it? Is it a forgotten PIN code, or is it IMEI barred?

(I don’t work for ID btw, I’m also frustrated that it’s impossible to get through to these guys)

Just want to put a PAYG sim from another company in