Unwanted cold calls

  • 16 July 2018
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I am regularly receiving cold calls from numbers
Removed Number
Removed Number
Removed Number
i want them blocked!
my phone..Removed Personal Number

8 replies

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Hello @14cottage,

We've removed any personal and non personal numbers from your public post.

Unfortunately, it's not possible for a network to block cold calls.

You can try blocking the numbers in your handset call settings.
We'd recommend ensuring to double check where you enter your mobile number when registering for websites/accounts etc.

I have blocked these numbers on my phone but they still keep coming
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Hello @Den1416,

There's not much the network can do to block these numbers, but are you receiving calls from the same number despite it being blocked? Or are they using a different number and getting through?

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It’s not much you can do for cold calls, I get them sometimes. You can block the numbers from your phone.

I keep recieving calls that ring for 6 seconds and then hang up they are all from Tunisia, I've blocked the numbers every time they ring but I keep getting them 

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Hi @Emily j96

Welcome to the iD Community. 

And sorry to hear about the nuisance calls you’re getting. 

We’ve got an article here that may help you on How to stop nuisance calls and text. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to stop them all, but hopefully some of the guidance may help.



Hi I've already done all those things I'm getting calls 12 times a day and nothing it working it's very distressing

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Hello @Emily j96,

We offer a number change for a one-off cost of £25.00 (Free if you have a Crime Reference Number).