Voicemail Notification that won't go away!

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Many thanks for your reply Ryan, I did question if they meant hours but they were adamant it was days. Look forward to receiving a response soon. Regards

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Hey there @Davewood 

Just wanted to check in that things are resolved?

If not, please get in touch through one of the following and we’ll be happy to help:


Dialling 0333 003 7777 for our Customer Services Team.

Reaching our Live Chat Team here:

Facebook (
Twitter (

Emailing our office at:
If you're choosing to email us, please include in your email your iD Community username, your full name, home address and postcode, mobile number, and email address.



Pretty certain this is what is up with mine too then.  Good to know it’s not my phone on the fritz.  I’ll contact Live Chat later.

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Hello @SlaMatt,


No problem, if you still have issues after contacting us, let us know.


Hope you’re able to get this resolved.