Want to get new ID sim deal but keep my current number

  • 15 November 2020
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I’ve been on a sim only deal with ID since last year and want to get another sim only deal they are offering. However I know that you cannot change your number if you are on the same network so are there any options available for me to get a new sim deal whilst keeping my number?

1 reply

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Hi @0Jess,


Sounds like you need to perform something referred to as a “Triangle Port”.


A Triangle Port requires obtaining a pay as you go SIM card for a network other than ourselves and porting the desired number over onto the pay as you go SIM. You would do this by requesting a PAC number for the old number from us and giving it to the pay as you go network.


Once you have done this and the desired number is on the pay as you go SIM, you then need to contact that network and request another PAC code. Once you have this, you can then contact us again and port the number into your new line.


Hope this helps.