What to do before asking a question?

  • 2 January 2019
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Have you got a burning question? Is there something you need to know about your iD Mobile plan, or mobile tech in general?

Then you’re in the right place. The iD Mobile Community will give you the answers you need.

And you might not even have to post a new question – it might have been asked and answered already, and sitting on the Community ready and waiting for you! To check if it already exists, here’s what to do…

  1. Use the search bar at the top of every Community page to look for your question. Think about the key words of your question, and enter them first. You’ll then see a list of suggested questions appear below the search bar. If you’re question’s there, go ahead and tap on it!
  2. Browse sub-categories under the ‘Menu’ bar at the top of every Community page. If you find the relevant subject area for your question, tap on it and scroll through the posts.

If you’ve tried the above and definitely can’t find your question, then go ahead and post it! You’ll find lots of advice on posting a question that’ll get answered quickly here: How to start a new topic

19 replies


Could i get a reply to why I have received a notification that I have a final payment to make for my sons contract which ended on the 14th of April. I cancelled the contract also via my account and  had a responce asking to keep my DD open for the final payment. I did this and the payment (Final) one was taken out on the 5th of May. I then cancelled my DD but have since got a message saying to keep my DD open for my contract?? Obviously during this time its not possible to speak to anyone however a live chat would help.

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Hi @Keano 

Welcome to the iD Community.

I’ve sent you a direct message with further information.


Hello, I have recently purchased a contract from you, but have not recieved a sum card to put in this phone.Please can you help.Thankyou

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How strange.  We’re very sorry to hear that @Pois110700

We’ll send you a private message now to get that sorted for you.

Simply click on your profile icon in the top right, then go to your private messages.

I took a new contract out with ID mobile through carphone warehouse and the advisor took the PAC code and advised when the phone arrived the number would transfer over.


The phone arrived early Friday and the number is yet to transfer over, I did try change the number over using the PAC code in the ID Mobile app, however it came back as incorrect. I have spoke to EE who cannot confirm if the number is being transferred. I am now being billed for both contracts until this is resolved. Can someone please look into this and confirm if my number is transfering over and how I can get this sorted if not?



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Hi @MrsLJBe,

We’re sorry to hear about that! We will send you a PM now so we can investigate this further.


Edit: I can see we have sent you a private message yesterday.

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I received a text message from 447368139269 to say my bill could not be processed and asking to update my information is this a scam mail


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Hi @Mick g,


It sound like it.


I’d recommend blocking that number.




Hi I’m new to I.d I received my new pays monthly sim two days ago was all working fine till I received a text saying We are sorry to see you go - in case you still want your number, your SIM is now active on Pay As You Go. Use the iD Mobile app or My Account online to view your account. I’ve not personally closed or cancelled anything so I’m confused now my calls text etc are not working and it’s saying I need to top up can anyone please help me 

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Hello @James95,

I’ve replied to you already and sent you a PM.


Yes I’ve replied back thank you 

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No problem, we’ll continue speaking via PM now.

Hi i haven’t received my SIM card can I have another one sent out

Yesterday I received my new SIM card. I am changing my plan and was able to insert the Sim card. I was then informed that it would take about 24 hours for you to activate my phone, and that I would receive a fax informing me that my phone was activated and I could use the phone. 27 hours later I am still waiting...unable to use my phone or receive calls. What is the problem? I need my phone to be working. Please let me know what is happening.

Robert Graham  



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Hi @dadarob,


Have you tried powering down the handset for 10 minutes? Have you checked to see if the other SIM is working?



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I just logged into one of my accounts (the one for my wife) and I get the message below:


Warning message


The direct debit date, according to the Aug 2021 bill, is the 29th August (which is today as I post this), a Sunday: with the bank holiday, the direct debit won’t actually be taken until Tuesday the 31st August, so what do I need to do?


It’s not my fault that the direct debit is set for a date that falls on a Sunday this time (and in this case just before a bank holiday as well).

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Hi @RichardWatt7,

It shouldn’t be an issue but let us know what is showing on your iD account tomorrow and we can check it out.




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Id like to cancel my order with you. But im struggling to find a number to ring to do this

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Hi @Connor Goy ,

Are you looking to leave without your number or move your number to a new network.

To cancel your plan without switching to another network, simply: 

  1. Log in to the iD Mobile App or My Account online 

  2. Go to the My Account page and tap Thinking of Leaving

  3. Click Switch or Cancel Now 

  4. Choose Cancel my iD plan and follow the instructions


If you wish to move your number to a new network.

You can simply text the words PAC to the number 65075 from the iD SIM card.

A PAC code will then be texted to you and you can give that to the new network provider who will port your number out.




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