why was i charged double

  • 27 July 2020
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I was charged double my regular bill 

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Hi there @Gabriel Hilton 

Have you recently requested to change the billing date on your account?  

It should state on your bill itself what dates you’re being charged for.  So if you have changed your billing date recently then this may have caused you to go a longer period without paying your bill and thus leave you with a slightly longer period to pay for as a pro-rata one-off.

The only other common reason for why your bill would be higher than usual is if you had used up your allowances for the month and proceeded to continue to use the service (be it calls, or data, etc) at the outside-of-plan rates.  Placing a spending cap on your account is the best way to ensure you’re not able to run up high bills should you find yourself using up your allowances.  Or you could look to do a plan change to move up to a plan with more minutes or data to suit your average usage needs.