Wi fi calling not working on S7

  • 14 April 2019
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Have Samsung Galaxy s7 but no wi fi calling button to switch on to activate . All the updates have been done.
Really need wi fi calling as I have signal problems indoors . When I was with Three they sent me a link to download which enabled me to use wi fi calling . Unless I can solve the problem I might have to go back to them. .
is there a way to get over this problem so I can stay with id. Mobile

3 replies

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Hello @sudberry0,

Who did you purchase the handset from?

If the setting is not showing it can be down to incorrect firmware due to the device not being supplied directly by iD Mobile.

Can you confirm?

What Firmware version are you using?

Not supplied by iD mobile . How do I check which Firmware I have.
Also , can I not download an App like I did with Three
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Hello @sudberry0,

We don't provide an app like Three which you can use, sorry about that.

Go onto Settings > About Device

You should be able to find this here, or in Software Updates.