Your favourite thing about iD Mobile

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HI there just wondering what your favourite thing about ID mobile is as there is many great things about it !

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Hi @Epjholmes

I am not going to lie here by saying that it is the prices. When I decided to leave Three network I decided to join ID Mobile because they had the best deals on the market. When I joined they were on the market for only 2 - 4 months so they offered pretty amazing deals to attract new customers. I joined as I knew what to expect with the signal strength as well since they are using Three masts to connect. If my memory doesn't play tricks on me I have already upgraded my contract twice from phone contract to SIM only after 2 years and I got 2.25GB of Data for £5 then I was offered 10GB for £10 and so I upgraded again.

Few months ago I have discovered community as well so I was like "that's great, let's join in."

To conclude, keeping prices and deals very attractive, never rising by contract and having a place to go to when you have a question or wanna help makes me trust them as a provider.

Kind Regards
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For me it has to be the cheap and affordable cost
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The varieties of contracts and deal's
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Cheap deal's
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For me it's wifi calling. The fact that id mobile is one of the very few mvno out there offering this feature is fantastic. If you live in an area or building with weak signal then wifi calling is a life saver.
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I love that my unused data rolls over each month.
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Definitely price, and rollover data. Just switched from o2 where I paid over double for half the data, and they didn't even have rolling data. I also like it being a one month rolling contract so I can cancel easily.
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Hi @Epjholmes

There's honestly loads of great things about iD, but i'll just pick out the 3 main things i like.

1. Price - their wide range of deals and affordability is amazing

2. Rollover Data - Comes as standard, something i wish more companies would offer.

3. The App - it's very easy to use and gives you full access to everything you need.

There's plenty more but iD be here all day
(Pun intended)

The only good thing is the prices, however the coverage is rubbish and wifi calling doesn't work either. So the great price for an appalling service isn't really a positive for us. We are stuck in a 2 year contract whereby we cant really use the phone at home.

The coverage map on ID mobile website beggars belief. It isn't the phone either as our son had the same issues and we got shot of his sim only contract after persevering for 3 months. My wife's phone is mid contract and the amount of grief I get off her is not worth the cheap price.
I always use what's app
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It’s cheap and affordable, the Community is great too.
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It’s cheap and affordable, the Community is great too.
We're pleased to hear that @YellowSweets !

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It’s really cheap good value for money