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  • 10 April 2019
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Just purchased a new Hauwei P30 Pro, with 50gb data boost when I use my standard allocation of 1gb....there is no mention of the 50gb on my app, how do I know if it will work?


6 replies

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Hi @aogrady

Data Boost usually need about 3 days to show up on your account. If you purchased your phone this week then you should have it visible by Friday. If your Data Boost fail to show on your Account under "Remaining Allowances" by Friday then contact Live Chat team to have look into it.

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Thank you for your help, I'll see over the next few days.

I have exactly the same problem. I bought my phone on Monday with 1GB data plan and 20GB boost to kick in once that is all used up. I've used it all up and the 20GB boost is nowhere to be seen. The ID app is now telling me I'm being charged extra having gone over my 1GB allowance!? Is ID going to remove those extra charges once the 20GB boost finally kicks in?
Nobody is answering my question. This is a bit rubbish in terms of a support community.
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Data Boosts need up to 72 hours to be available on your account.

Here is T&C for Data Boost deals that customer purchasing them are required to accept.

It is not ID Mobile fault that you used up your 1GB in 3 days so I don't see any valid reason for them to refund any extra charges that you decided to occur by using to much data while your Data Boost wasn't active yet.

I hope this explain to you a little bit better how this offer works. In case of any doubt here is FAQ page regarding this matter.

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I purchased a p30 with 50gb data boost, from an advert in the ID app - I have asked where the data boost is, and been told that I haven't got it, I need to evidence I got the deal (which I can't as I ordered through the app). Should have checked the details in the contract, feeling ripped off 😠