Being slightly overcharged by iDMobile every month - please correct

  • 10 November 2018
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It's terrible that iDMobile don't have any email or online support ticket customer service option, so my only option (as there's no one on 'chat') is to ask here.

I'm on this plan:

ShockProof - £5.00.

I used to be charged 5.00. However, for many months now I am always charged 5.30 every month.

I've carefully checked by bills and it doesn't mention the reason for the extra 30 pence every month.

The calculations on the bill are:

This month's account charges
Monthly Recurring Charge From: 12/10/18 To: 11/11/18 £4.17 UK From: 13/09/18 To: 10/10/18 £0.25 Sub

Total for this invoice £4.42
VAT @ 20% £0.88
Total charges for this month £5.30

Can you please correct this and only charge me what it should be, five pounds a month?

Thank you.

2 replies

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I can see right away the extra charge on this line.
UK From: 13/09/18 To: 10/10/18 £0.25

Please look at your bill again and scroll down to your invoice breakdown.
This should explain in more detail why you have been charged an extra 25p (plus vat) each month. (this will account for the 30p extra)

It might be you are using a service or number each month that is not part of your current allowance.

Every line entry should end with £0.00 these are the items that are included in your allowance.
Anything that is not a £0.00 is a charged extra service.

I was seeing a similar charge a while back then found out picture messages is not included in my allowances.

Good place to check what isn't included in your price plan look at the below link:
(These prices include VAT - can be confusing when you look at your bill and see prices without VAT)

Hope this resolves your issue.
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Hi @anon99x,

As the charge is for 30p, this seems as though it is relating to a picture (MMS) message. Have you sent any photos at all this month, or used any emojis in a message? These will trigger such a charge you see.

Less commonly though, if you have made two calls to the police non-emergency number (101) then this will generate 30p extra as each call is charged at 15p.