Bill showing bigger following upgrade

  • 30 May 2019
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HI I have been charged 12.50 just moved into a 24 month contract just confused about the billing is the 40.31 for this month or next month as I am confued

lling as it says 40.31 when been charged 12.50

1 reply

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Hey @Mike27,

When you upgrade, you'll receive a pro-rata charge which works as follows:

Your bills are produced on a set date each month, this is different for everyone.
Let's assume your bills are produced on the 1st of each month.
Line rental is charged a month in advance so your 01/05/19 invoice would cover line rental from the 01/05/19 to the 31/05/19.

This is standard for how all mobile networks charge for bills.

Let's also assume that you were on a £10.00 plan.
So when your bill is produced on the 01/05/19, it'll be for £10.00 and that covers your line rental up to the end of the month.

Now if you change plans on the 15th, to a plan that is £20.00, we can't produce a second bill that month, so we'll calculate any pro-rata charges for your bill and add it onto next month.

So in this example, you'll get a credit back from the 15/05/19 - 31/05/19, because from the 15th, you were moved to the £20.00 plan so it's wrong to charge you for the £10.00 plan.
Then, we'll simply charge you again but for the correct amount at the new plan rate of £20.00.
Obviously, in this example, it'll only be for the 15 days, not the full month.

Since this is all done on your next month's bill, you'll also have your next months line rental on that bill. This can make the bill look a little higher, but it's perfectly normal.

Future bills will just be whatever your plan is.

The above screenshot refers to Your next bill so far which hasn't yet been generated.
We'd expect that bill to have been produced by the 16/06/19.

If you're still unsure when the bill has been produced, let us know.

- Mohammed