Billed Twice

  • 25 February 2020
  • 3 replies

Just unsure about this but I have a phone on contract and last month I got billed twice for it, once on the 2nd of Jan and again on the 30th was just wondering if that's normal 

3 replies

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Hi @Jmccee and welcome to our iD Mobile Commuity.

When you say “billed” do you mean the invoices themselves, or the actual payment date?

If payment was normally on a certain date, but that date fell on a weekend.  Then the payment would come out the following working day.


The only reason your invoice date would change commonly would be if you had asked for the Direct Debit to change within the iD Mobile App/ My Account settings.

Hey @Kevin no it wasn't the invoice date it was the actual payment date, my actual billing date is the 13th of each month.

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Had you requested a change of Direct Debit date at all inside the iD Mobile App or online?


It would be neccessary to speak to you directly and take some details from you if we were to access your own bills and share some further light on anything there.

In order to do that we’d advise that you get in touch with us through one of the following:

Dialling 0333 003 7777 for our Customer Services Team.

Reaching our Live Chat Team here:

Facebook (

Twitter (

If you're choosing to email us, please include in your email your iD Community username, your full name, home address and postcode, mobile number, and email address.