Billing problem.

  • 14 April 2020
  • 8 replies

Hi 👋🏻 my first post here, I was wondering if I could speak to an ID Mobile customer support person please? Many thanks :)

8 replies

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Hi @Martarae43 

Thank you for your very first post, to enable us to assist you better, can you please provide us with a little more detail about your query?

Looking forward to your response.



Could I send it via private message please?

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Hi @Martarae43 

Welcome to the community. 

I have sent you a private message as requested. 




Thank you :) I've sent you a reply. 

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Hi @Martarae43

We look forward to resolving your issues  soon.




help, can i speak to a real person on here , i have been trying to sort out my problem since MARCH,

i took out an id sim only contract around March 2019 , and it was for 12 months i closed my bank account ,which just so happens was also was one where ID were collecting funds from, to cut a very long story short i did get to speak to someone from ID and they told me that if i didn’t cancel the contract ,it would keep rolling on , so i told the person  to cancel the contract, and that that they would have to send me a bill for any arrears up to the closing of the account. Simple enough you would think, then the Pandemic hit and any method of actually talking to someone no longer existed.

I have since been getting Letters from CARS stating that i owe a debt , quoting ID as the debtor now they send one every month increasing , i have spoken to CARS who were no help whatsoever, and they say that my contract has not been cancelled , yet despite all attempts to log in to my account have met with failure .

so i have tried to get on via the app and it says my account doesn’t exist i tried online and it does not recognise me i am at my wits end , i can pay CARS but they will keep coming to me every month for money that is not a solution. heres hoping that i get a solution here

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Hi there @Mozzers1 

We have rolling 1-month contracts, and 24-month contracts (which include phones).  Even with our 24-month contracts, upon those coming to an end they simply continue on as rolling contracts.

With any network in the UK, it would be your duty to let us know you want to cancel your subscription.


If you have been in touch with in the past to request a cancellation of your service, then we’ll investigate that for you.  Though without any prior contact from yourself we’d not be able to backdate anything.

Still, we’ll PM you here now so that we can ensure things are cancelled for you if they have not been automatically already through the lack of payment.