Bought a data add-on, it said at the time I'd get an extra 4gb of data for 12 days but data allowance does not suggest this in the application, only has the standard 4gb.

  • 29 August 2019
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as title says

3 replies

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Hello @Serrus,
Sorry to hear you're having issues with an data add-on.
Did you mean 4GB for 12-months?

If the purchase was definitely completed, the app should update to reflect the additional data.
Have you tried logging out and back into the app to confirm?

Have you checked if the recent charges show that the add-on has been applied?
This should show £15.00 added onto your next bill.

Can you send us a screenshot of your app dashboard and delete any sensitive information.


Added the screenshot above. But when buying the pack it said I'd get an extra 4gb to use for 14 days, which I don't have... And when I bought the 3gb pack it said I'd get another 3gb with it for 1 day. Basically missing 7gb of data in a time where data is precious to me. Thanks for your time.
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Hello @Serrus,

Thanks for sending that over.
We'll need to check the system from our end and investigate further.

Please email us and include a link to this community post so we can look into this.

I've marked the topic as resolved as we'll be dealing with this via email, but if at any time you feel we have not been able to resolve this by providing the correct answer, please let us know and we will unmark this for you.