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  • 15 January 2019
  • 2 replies

Hi, Ive got a contract in my name i want to transfer it to my sons name now he is 18 is this possible?

2 replies

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Hi @radders94

We have had similar question asked few days ago, here is link to that topic LINK

It contains answers you are looking for.

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Hi @radders94

We don't currently have a way in which the name change could be done so simply we're sorry to say.


However, a work around way in which you could get that number you have now in your son's name on an iD account of his own though would be as follows:

1) Move the existing iD number to another network, by requesting a PAC (code) from our Customer Services Team. Simply moving the number out to a free pay as you go SIM would work fine.

2) Have your son sign up for a new iD Mobile contract in his own name.

3) Once that is done, you could then request a PAC (code) on the old number and move that old number over to the new contract that is now setup in your son's name.