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  • 6 November 2018
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Hello my data allowances on my ID mobile app say that I’ve only used 4g out of 10g but I have received numerous messages saying that I have exceed the limit and add ons are being charged, why is this happening and isn’t there a solution?
Tried to call numerous times but they are always busy same with live chat.
Any help is appreciated.

3 replies

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Hi Leon,

This will be because your plan contains a promotional amount of data, so for example, your data allowance probably consists of 2GB of data plus 8GB of promotional data which lasts the length of the contract.

As long as you keep an eye on your app and stick to under 10GB of usage, everything should be fine. :)


I received a message saying that I have reached my mobile data limit. Consequently I stopped receiving emails etc. How do I increase my mobile data limit? Is it possible to do this on the phone?

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Hi @yiahmad123,

You can increase your cap to allow further usage or you can purchase a data add-on; both of these can be through our app or through your account online.