Data allowance during corona

  • 27 March 2020
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Hi there, since the contract centres have been closed, I haven't had any SMS messages with regards to my data allowance. I am in isolation with no wifi so am worried that I have gone over, but have had no warning messages... does this mean this has been frozen for the time being? Or if not, how can I check my data usage to make sure I have not exceeded my allowance? 



3 replies

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Do you use the ID app or website? 

That should still in theory be working , but if you're still worried then if you're on social media I suggest you pop ID a message on twitter or facebook.

I got a DM from them today so they must still be active remotely from home or safer locations. 


Hope you find what you need 

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Hi @Rhianna 

You can check your allowances in the iD Mobile app or My Account online. We have a helpful guide here:

If you need more info, check out our iD Mobile app and My Account online FAQs here:

Or you can use our automated service by calling 7777 and choosing Option 1 to hear your allowances. 

Hope that helps.



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Hi there,

We’re currently facing staff shortages across our social teams too, so are asking all customers to use the Community platform as first before using any other channels.  That way we can help as many customers as possible at the same time and point you in the direction of our helpful articles that we have here.  In addition, we have some other extremely knowledgeable and helpful customers who are on hand to support. This way we can get help to customers as quick as possible.


The best options is checking via the iD Account/app using the guides above or our Automated service.