Direct Debit date change

  • 27 July 2019
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Has anybody else has difficulty getting a direct debit date changed. I have recently stated a new job which means my payday has changed, ID will not allow me to change it via the app for some reasons and I am unable to do it over the phone due to 'compliance' reasons. Staff very unhelpful.

Having a finance background I can only assume that ID mobile are unable to do this over the phone because they do not have the correct GDPR process in place or their systems are not designed to deal with them. May have something to do with their customer service and billing departments being based overseas.

I am considering launching an investigation into this, I am very concerned that our data is now at risk with ID Mobile.

1 reply

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Hi @TimothyTricker,

You should be able to change this through our app usually so this is strange. Are you having issues with selecting a specific date, or are you not able to change it at all? If it's to do with a specific date then we would advise you to choose another date closest to the date that you want, just in case your required date isn't available at this time.

You should also have the availability to change your direct debit date through our website too; are you having issues this way also?

In regards to changing it over the phone, it's nothing to do with compliance or a GDPR issue, it's just a company policy to only allow the change through the app or account online so I understand your frustration but this is how it has been set up.