Double Billed?

In the absence of any available live chat agents or anyone answering the phone on 7777, I thought I'd turn to the community to seek a solution.

I've been with iD for a good long while now, and have been very happy. A fiver a month comes out of my account like clockwork; I'm always well within my allowances, so there's never been anything other than £5 per month.

However, my last bill, dated 22nd September was for £8.28

Item detail was as follows:

Monthly recurring charge - from 08/09/18 to 07/10/18 £4.17 (This is perfectly normal and the same amount as usual)
Then a second line of:
From 08/08/18 to 07/09/18 £2.73

On my previous bill, dated 22nd August, which was paid by direct debit as usual, I had the following line item:
Monthly recurring charge - from 08/08/18 to 07/09/18 - £4.17

To my eyes, it looks like I've been charged for the same period twice?

There's no further detail on any of the pdf bills for me to drill down into, so I can't see if I've been billed for a supplementary or premium service.

Any thoughts? Anyone have anyway to actually speak to a person at iD?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello there @briandearden,

Welcome to the iD Community.

Looks like our Live Chat Team and phone team are experiencing a higher than usual volume of contact but as soon as an agent is available you should be connected.

Have you changed plans at all or upgraded?

Has there been any change to your Direct Debit date?

You'd usually see a replicated charge when there's been one of the above and this is usually a pro-rata charge where you'd get a credit back for any period of incorrect charges and charged again at the correct price.

Let me know about the following:
Have you changed plans at all or upgraded?

Has there been any change to your Direct Debit date?

Hi Mohammed, thanks for your response. No, no changes at all have been made to the plan, my account or the payment date.
Unfortunately, there is no option to hold for the next available operative. Live chat is greyed out and an automated message on 7777 advises callers to hang up and try to contact through the website.
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Hi @briandearden,

I can't think of anything else that might have caused this charge then without being able to view your account. I'll send you a PM now with alternative ways of getting in contact with us to enable us to offer further support.


Hi, I changed plans about three months ago and I’ve just noticed I’m being charged twice per month for the new plan, is there anyway to talk to someone about this, many thanks 

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Hello @AndyRed,


How did you change your plan? Was this done by logging into the app/account?

When you go to the Direct Debits, are they appearing as two individual Direct Debits or are you being charged double the amount on each Payment to us?



Hi, yes I change my plan on the website roughly three months ago. My account number is REMOVED.


theses are the payments taken from my account: 

11 March.  REMOVED

16 March.  REMOVED

8 April.       REMOVED

16 April.      REMOVED

12 May.       REMOVED

13 May.       REMOVED

as you can see there are two payments being taken per month for one plan, the only way I can stop the account I’m not using was to cancel the Direct Debit on the account  REMOVED

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Hello @AndyRed,

I’ve removed the account numbers for security reasons, however, it seems there is more than 1 active contract which is why you are being charged twice here (given the account numbers you did provide).


I’ve Pm’ed you with how you can get in touch to cancel the un-required one.



Hi, the link you sent me just brings me back to this website?? I just want to close the account I’m not using 

Nvm just found a separate link that works, thanks for your help 😊

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Hi @AndyRed 

Have you managed to resolve your query?

Let us know



Hi,  No it’s still ongoing, I’ve msg customer support but no reply yet 

All sorted now, thanks for your help 😊

Hi again, I’ve just received a bill through the post for the account that’s been closed down??