first bill is wrong

  • 6 March 2021
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I have just taken out the contract about 2 weeks ago. When I go on the app it has always said that my payment date was 2nd April but now it’s saying my bill is overdue and that I owe double on the 2nd of April why has it done this and not even tried to take the payment from my bank

1 reply

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Hello @Meganhill,

I think there’s a little misunderstanding here.


When you log into the app your current bill is the balance once it’s produced.

We also predict what your next months bill will be.

Overdue balance is usually combined to this and this gives the illusion of the higher bill.

Bill payments are collected 14-days after a bill is produced. In some cases such as payment dates falling on a weekend, it takes until the week to clear.

If you can allow until Monday and check if it’s still showing overdue?