How can you justify increasing bills at this time

  • 22 March 2020
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Just had the SMS my monthly bill will be increasing. I think it’s awful that Id mobile hasn’t the awareness or consciousness to put a hold on increases. It is unlikely mobile companies will be affected by the current situation but this company is still only thinking about profits.  

7 replies

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Hey @Justinet123 


I am with iD Mobile since 2015 and this is the first price increase I observed since then. It is unfortunate that this price rise came about wrong time but you need to think that our salary increase isn't being postponed either and both of these rises are due to inflation.


I would understand all these complaints if people would really look like they care about this situation but in my town no one cares, when I try to walk my dog and avoid people this is impossible as park is packed with gatherings of elderly walkers, golfers, bikers and children playing football. So I decided to walk my dog once a day around 11pm when park is empty and dangerous but its only way I can distance myself from all these careless beings. I don't understand why society requires corporations to care when they don't do it themselves.  


I got the message about the price rise as well, which as I said is the first I observed since 2015 and I don't mind it as my salary is going up as well. 

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@Gregor Do you work for ID mobile? Is that why you're defending them on this and why you're getting a pay rise? Read the threads you have left this same message on. People are losing their jobs with no help, whilst you're flaunting the fact you will be getting a pay rise. Not cool! 

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Hey @GillC78 


I do not work for iD Mobile and I do not defend them, I simply understand their reasons for the price increase. It's not only me who gets the pay rise its anyone employed from April gets it as described here. Its all due to inflation. I work for Home Bargains and we do everything we can to help our communities but we have people attacking my employer for empty shelves or when we refuse a sale of 10 bottles of Dettol. 


I would understand people demand if they would at least behave responsibly, did you know that UK had around 5000 cases registered and over 200 deaths but Germany has around 15000 cases and around 70 deaths? The ratio says for itself, people in UK are not prepared to be responsible they are prepared to demand to be served everything on the plate and for free.



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Gregor not many peoples salary will be increasing by 2.7% and that isn’t the point nor is your dog walking frustrations. It is incredibly insensitive for a company like ID to be putting up prices at this time. 
The ratios of deaths to cases is a lot more complicated than a correlation between people being responsible. It’s about age of a population etc… don’t be so quick

to slate British people you might need them to help you one day! 

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First of all I did not say "British people" I said "people in UK"... Second of all, it is also insensitive for population of customers to call me incompetent or patethic because I don't have toilet paper in warehouse hidden just for them or calling names to my colleagues when they refuse the sale of 10 bottles of Dettol so others could buy it... Third of all, as I mentioned in one of my post, trying to persuade people that hard work pays more than complaints is like trying to break the wall with bare hands. 

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Hi @Justinet123,

We fully understand and appreciate everyone's concerns in regards to the current situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are doing as much as we can to offer support to all of those in need wherever it is possible. The RPI increase was already set in place before the pandemic was announced, so it is unfortunate that the two have coincided, and the RPI increase will not result in a large increase to our customer bills.

At present to help the elderly people in our community, we have put in place an unlimited minutes allowance for our customers aged over 70 so that they don’t need to worry about making a call whenever they need to speak to any of their friends or family. We are also in the process of making the NHS coronavirus related websites free-rated meaning that the data used to access them will soon not be taken from your allowances, giving everyone access to up-to-date NHS information.

For anyone else that has had a change to their financial situation due to the coronavirus and who need to discuss their bill, then we can look into this further for you. Please drop us a message via Twitter or Facebook and we will offer some assistance right away.

Thank you,

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It is very easy to delay a price increase but unfortunately it seems that it is all about profit for most mobile network operators and not helping people like everyone else is trying to do at this time. 

ID profits 2017-2018 £33.1m,  just saying.