How does Data Rollover work?

  • 24 April 2018
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Data Rollover is one of the free features you get on every pay monthly iD plan. You can probably guess from the name what it does, right?

Correct! It rolls over your data…

To be a little more exact, Data Rollover automatically rolls over your unused monthly data into your next billing month. So basically, you get another month to use it.

Here are three key points about how Data Rollover works. Memorise these, and you’ll be a Data Rollover expert:

1. Your unused monthly data gets rolled over automatically. You don’t even need to lift a finger.

2. Your rolled over data gets used first, before your monthly data allowance (and any data add-ons you might have up your sleeve).

3. You’ve got a month to use your rolled over data, and no longer. Why? Because it doesn’t get rolled over again. Sorry, but there’s no roll over for your roll over.

Looking for more info? Here’s a handful of Data Rollover FAQs. If you’ve got another question, post it at the bottom.

When will my data roll over?

Your unused monthly data will roll over on the first day of your monthly billing period.

How will I know how much I’ve rolled over?

Log in to your app or My Account online. Then go to My Allowances, and click My Data to see how much you've rolled over. We add this amount to your monthly data allowance, giving you a new total amount. You'll be able to see this information broken down by standard allowance, roll over, and add-ons.

I thought I had unused data from last month, but it doesn't seem to have rolled over - why is that?

Remember – it’s only your unused monthly data allowance that gets rolled over. Your Data Rollover allowance doesn’t get rolled over a second time, so you’ll lose it if you don’t use it within a month. To find out how much unused monthly data you had left last month, check out the FAQ above.

What happens to my Rollover allowance if I change to another plan?

Unfortunately, you lose any rolled over data when you upgrade or change your plan. But you'll be able to start building up a new Rollover allowance from the start of your new plan.

What happens to my Rollover allowance if my plan ends and I leave iD?

When your plan ends and you leave us, any unused data will be lost. So do your best to use it all up before you go!

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